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We are experts in technical screen printing

The Dutch roots of Back Stickers International go back about 70 years. Representative Pieter Laurens Back of a transfer printer in Veenendaal saw a future in a new printing technique, screen printing. Convinced of the possibilities, he started experimenting in his loft. It soon became his trademark, innovation is what you do with your customers. That attitude is still in the DNA of the company.

"The speed and flexibility of an SME within a multinational group striving for 100% performance," says managing director Rik de Boer. He continues: "It has made Back Stickers International a stable and innovative company. And we are quite proud of that."


In the early 1980s, Back Stickers International became the official supplier of the global group XEROX. For decades they continued to innovate in the latest techniques and applications. As a result, the high-quality technical company has won many awards. It is this urge to innovate that is the reason for the German Schuster Group to take over the company in 1999. This does not go unnoticed internationally for long. In 2016, the Japanese Nissha takes over part of the Schuster group, namely Schuster Kunststofftechnik, Back Stickers Deutschland GmbH and Back Stickers International BV. This creates new impetus.

Nissha is also a family business, founded in 1929. The start is almost identical to that of Pieter Laurens Back. Started as a small printing company and over the years it has grown into a multinational with 66 companies with an annual turnover of 1.6 billion euros. Nissha's products are marketed in sectors such as mobility, mobile telephony, white goods, medical technology, healthcare, consumer goods, and industrial equipment. The core values of Nissha are perfectly in line with the mission and vision of Back Stickers International BV. It is mainly the will, as well as the power to continue  innovating.

At Back Stickers International we still process your sticker, label, or printed films together with our specialists. It goes without saying that all your screen and printing work is in safe and logistical hands with us.

We are an ISO 9001 certified company with two production companies in Almere and Waltershausen, Germany.


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We are committed to maximizing customer value.

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We welcome diverse capabilities interacting as equals and enhancing our organizational performance.

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We work with diligence and deliver results.

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We do the right things the right way and have a continuous focus on improving our performance.

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We act with integrity and maintain the trust placed in us.