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Dashboard / Console Panel


The automotive industry is an industry that is constantly evolving. While today's cars roll out of the factory, tomorrow's cars are already being developed and their design is an ongoing process. With the bar in the industry set increasingly higher, we too must  move and innovate.

In addition to design, dashboard and console panels are the interactive part (HMI-Human Machine Interface) in the car. The dashboard console panel must be simple, strong, wear and colourfast and accessible. Easy to read in every possible situation and attractive in design.


Touch Panel

Display Panel

Dashboard / Console Panel

Dashboard / Console Panel Application


IML/IMD technology continuously opens up new possibilities in car interior design. By applying IML technology, the design of the console is almost unlimited. Beautiful colour nuances are within reach.…

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Printing is integrated into more modern plastic injection molding processes, such as are common in the automotive industry and equipment construction, for example. At Backstickers International, our specialists…

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