Zeefdrukwerk / IML printing


You can find stickers printed by us almost everywhere. For example, on consumer products, in the automotive industry, in the medical world, but also in the plastics processing industry.

Stickers and/or Industrial labels are our specialty. Certified with ISO 9001 and the innovative strength with various leading industries results in a company where the application possibilities are almost limitless. Together with you, as a small or large client, we develop the perfect stickers and labels regardless of shape, application, and environment. Do you process IML film? We can meet your requirements.


IML/IMD technology continuously opens up new possibilities in car interior design. By applying IML technology, the design of the console is almost unlimited. Beautiful colour nuances are within reach. The use of wear-resistant plastics makes the plastic durable and protective.

High tech

Sometimes there are slightly more requirements for a sticker or label. Like in the world of High Tech, for example. We have a cleanroom at our disposal for production. We can also clean package your order so that you can process our products directly in your cleanroom. Our machine complies with at least class 5 according to NEN-EN-ISO 14644-1. In the world of High Tech, just a little more is required. That extra step is in our DNA.

Devices and (consumer) electronics

All devices have a product sticker. For the consumer it is the sticker of recognisability. And it is an important sticker for the producer because it symbolises its signature. In addition to product appearance, there are also information stickers for operating devices. A beautiful pictogram sticker shows the possibilities at a glance. A beautifully designed control panel only becomes clear with a product sticker!


Printing is integrated into more modern plastic injection molding processes, such as are common in the automotive industry and equipment construction, for example. At Backstickers International, our specialists master this precise process of printing and processing IML film down to the last detail.

Medical and Pharmaceutical

In an environment where no mistakes can be made, instruction stickers are vital. Laminated stickers are indispensable in a medical laboratory. Stickers for your and our safety.


The industrial applications of our products are endless. Wherever there is communication, our stickers and labels can be found. As part of a machine or building, we are always closer than you think.