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Display Stickers


Display stickers are usually used as decorative protection for screens and displays. This type of sticker is a custom pre-printed plastic film print.

The film, and thus the sticker, is very strong and several millimetres thick. The thickness of the film can be adjusted as desired. Furthermore, the sticker can be accurately provided with different contours, including recesses. This type of sticker has one adhesive side.


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Display Stickers Application

High tech

Sometimes there are slightly more requirements for a sticker or label. Like in the world of High Tech, for example. We have a cleanroom at our disposal for production. We can also clean package your order…

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Devices and (consumer) electronics

All devices have a product sticker. For the consumer it is the sticker of recognisability. And it is an important sticker for the producer because it symbolises its signature. In addition to product appearance,…

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The industrial applications of our products are endless. Wherever there is communication, our stickers and labels can be found. As part of a machine or building, we are always closer than you think.

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