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Product Stickers


The following applies to product stickers: they must above all remain in place. These stickers are often used as a type designation or information message. The surfaces on which they are placed can differ quite a bit.

The use of the product sticker can also differ greatly. You will encounter them on construction sites and on air, water, and land vehicles, and around the house. That is why, together with the customer, we determine the required amount of glue for the product sticker so that it continues to stick to the surface.


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Product Stickers

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Product Stickers Application


IML/IMD technology continuously opens up new possibilities in car interior design. By applying IML technology, the design of the console is almost unlimited. Beautiful colour nuances are within reach.…

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High tech

Sometimes there are slightly more requirements for a sticker or label. Like in the world of High Tech, for example. We have a cleanroom at our disposal for production. We can also clean package your order…

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Devices and (consumer) electronics

All devices have a product sticker. For the consumer it is the sticker of recognisability. And it is an important sticker for the producer because it symbolises its signature. In addition to product appearance,…

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Medical and Pharmaceutical

In an environment where no mistakes can be made, instruction stickers are vital. Laminated stickers are indispensable in a medical laboratory. Stickers for your and our safety.

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The industrial applications of our products are endless. Wherever there is communication, our stickers and labels can be found. As part of a machine or building, we are always closer than you think.

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