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Window Stickers


A classic among stickers. The window sticker is still extremely popular. The fact that the window sticker is still widely used says a lot about its effectiveness.

The well-known one-sided and two-sided window stickers where the adhesive force is on the "inside" of the window side but is still visible from both sides. With the sticker 'safely' on the inside, it is no longer vulnerable to weather influences or vandalism.


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Window Stickers

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Window Stickers Application


IML/IMD technology continuously opens up new possibilities in car interior design. By applying IML technology, the design of the console is almost unlimited. Beautiful colour nuances are within reach.…

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Medical and Pharmaceutical

In an environment where no mistakes can be made, instruction stickers are vital. Laminated stickers are indispensable in a medical laboratory. Stickers for your and our safety.

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The industrial applications of our products are endless. Wherever there is communication, our stickers and labels can be found. As part of a machine or building, we are always closer than you think.

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